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What's your Red Cross story?

Ned took a CPR course and used his skills to save a life.

Eric is a First Responder and received support by the Red Cross during a home fire.

Jacinta almost died, but received life-saving blood at the hospital.

The Mailhiot Family was affected by Tropical Storm Irene and received Red Cross assistance and relief supplies.

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Think about your history with the Red Cross. Perhaps you...

.... learned to swim as a child from a Red Cross instructor.

.... give blood regularly.

.... know someone who experienced a home fire and was assisted by the Red Cross.

.... volunteered your time during a disaster.

.... were assisted by the Red Cross when your family needed to communicate with a soldier abroad.

.... remember a story your grandmother told about her days volunteering as a "Gray Lady" during World War II.

These are just a few examples (both big and small) of how the Red Cross touches lives every day. Take just a moment to think about your Red Cross story and please share it here. You could inspire someone else to make a difference, too.


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