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Disaster Services Training
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Each year Red Cross Chapters across the country train Disaster Volunteers in how to prevent, prepare for, and respond to disasters. If you are interested in taking a Disaster Services Training course and becoming a Disaster Volunteer, start the Volunteer intake process by contacting Angela Russell at .

All disaster courses taught by the Vermont and New Hampshire Valley Region are offered free of charge to registered Red Cross Disaster volunteers only. For a sample list of courses offered by our chapter to current Disaster Volunteers read below.  

Basic Courses
Fulfilling Our Mission
Fulfilling Our Mission provides basic information to potential disaster volunteers and members of other local agencies to the role of the Red Cross in the community's actions in preparing for, responding to and recovering from emergencies and disasters. It provides the foundation of service delivery standards for the American Red Cross by considering the Fundamental Principles and Values of the Red Cross and how they would apply throughout the disaster cycle (prepare, respond and recover).
Client Casework: Providing Emergency Assistance
Participants will learn the skills and tools needed to conduct an effective client interview. Client Casework was formerly called Family Services: Providing Emergency Assistance
Mass Care Overview
Participants will learn about the skills and abilities needed by mass care workers and how they can get started in their local chapter
Shelter Operations
The purpose of this course is to prepare Red Cross and other agencies' staff to effectively and sensitively manage shelter operations as a team, to meet the needs of people displaced as a result of a disaster.
Shelter Simulation
The purpose of this training is to provide participants an opportunity to practice the knowledge and skills needed to run a successful shelter operation.
Defensive Driving
Prepares participants to have the needed driving skills required by the Red Cross; offered through a National Safety Council certified instructor.
ERV – Ready, Set, Roll
This course prepares participants to safely and effectively use a Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) and its equipment.  Drivers will assist in bulk distribution to meet feeding and other service needs of those affected by disaster.
Health Services Response Workshop
Participants will learn more about the skills and abilities needed by DHS staff and how to get involved more involved in Disaster Health Services.
Financial & Statistical Information Management
Includes assigning and accounting for Disbursing Orders and Client Assistance Cards and managing the confidential master case files of Red Cross clients. Trains participants to perform FSI service associate tasks on a disaster relief operation.
Fundamentals of Disaster Assessment
The purpose of this basic level Disaster Services course is to introduce the critical role of Disaster Assessment, explore related preparedness tasks, learn how to collect and communicate disaster assessment information, and become familiar with how disaster assessment information supports management and service delivery decisions.

Logistics: An Overview
Provides participants with basic information about coordinating the logistics of a disaster relief operation. Participants will learn the skills, abilities and knowledge needed by logistic workers.  
Logistics Simulation
Provides participants an opportunity to practice the knowledge and skills needed to run a successful logistical operation in their local chapter.

Foundations of Disaster Mental Health
Prepares licensed mental health professionals to provide for and respond to the psychological needs of people across the continuum of disaster preparedness, response and recovery.   It includes specific activities and interventions that can be used for local disasters and national disaster relief operations.

Collaborating to Ensure Effective Service Delivery
Prepares participants to establish working collaborative relationships with partner agencies to coordinate disaster response and to ensure effective service delivery.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) /Incident Command Liaison
Prepares those assigned to government and Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) to work collaboratively with Red Cross partners in helping to ensure a coordinated response.  Also prepares participants to serve as a Red Cross representative in an EOC.

Psychological First Aid
The course provides a framework for understanding the factors that affect stress responses in disaster relief workers and the clients they serve. In addition, it provides practical suggestions about what you can say and do as you practice the principles of Psychological First Aid.

Disaster Frontline Supervisor Training and Simulation  NEW course !!!!!!!!!
Prepares participants to work effectively as Disaster Services supervisors. This new course replaces the obsolete Supervision in Disaster and Supervision on Disaster Assignment.  Experience and training for the activity in which the applicant expects to become a supervisor is required for this course.

Fundamentals of Staff Services
Provides basic information about the activities and processes of the Staff Services Group, which include Workforce Planning & Acquisition, Staff Support Systems, Staff Relations and Staff Health. Participants will learn how to deliver and support sufficient and effective human resources on a disaster relief operation.  This course is available online at LMS.

Advanced Courses
 ****  All advanced courses require the submission and acceptance of form 5898H. Forms can be obtained by contacting Angela Russell at   *****
Disaster Instructor Specialty Training
Prepares Basic and Intermediate Disaster instructors for effective teaching.  Ensures uniform and quality disaster training consistent with Red Cross Disaster Services regulations and procedures.

Fundamentals of Chapter Disaster Operations Management
Prepares Red Cross employees and leadership volunteers to manage a small disaster relief operation.  

Mass Care II
Prepares participants to establish, operate and phase out Mass Care services on a State or Major Disaster relief operation.

Service Delivery Site Management
Prepares Red Cross employees and volunteers to establish, operate, monitor and close a service delivery site, to meet the needs of disaster clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Want to sample a Disaster Services Training course? To check out Red Cross Introduction to Disaster Services, click here.

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