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Services to Armed Forces
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Prevent, Prepare for, and Cope with Emergencies

It's a fact of military life: military families are frequently separated and on the move. No matter how strong the family ties, moves and separations often put a strain on relationships. They made lead to problems managing a home or children, making ends meet on a limited income or adjusting to new communities, often without the help of family or friends.

The Red Cross can help you with immediate personal and family problems. When long-term counseling is required, appropriate referrals are made. All Red Cross social services are provided free of charge.

Emergency Communication

In the event of an emergency, critical accident, illness or death in a service member's immediate family, the Red Cross is equipped to verify the situation and relay an emergency leave request, if necessary, to the proper military authorities.

Health and Welfare Inquiries

Regular communication between service members and their families is ordinarily no problem, but sometimes a long time with no word can become worrisome. Through our worldwide communications network, we can communicate with the installation or ship where the service person is stationed. You'll get a report on his or her welfare to give you peace of mind. Also, service members can request the same service regarding families back home.

Emergency Financial Assistance

When an emergency arises that requires the presence of the service member or his or her family, the Red Cross may provide access to an interest-free loan or a grant for travel expenses. These funds are made available by the military aid societies. They may be authorized for other emergencies as well and are disbursed on the basis of need. Referrals to specialized sources of help are also available to service members and their families.

These Red Cross services, and more, are available to services members and their families 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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